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Precision Ball

Precision Ball is a new sport created by Chris Smith form England in 2020. Like in tennis, you must hit the ball over the net. Only difference is, there is a football net you must score through on the other side to score a point. And each net has a goalkeeper. Each side has two batters trying to score. Sets are played ten minutes each to the best of three, or a possible five if it is 2-2 by the end of set four.

Equipment Required:

Note: If you do not have football nets or a halfway net - use chalk or other markers for the court.

Sport Description

You serve the ball like in tennis, but hit with the intention of scoring in the opponent's net rather than bouncing it out of play. When the ball reaches the other side, the opponent batters must try to hit back and score.

You can volley or hit the ball on the bounce. If it goes out of court, the chosen side must serve again.

Optional: If the keeper catches the ball, you must deduct a point from the other team. 

The team with the most points after ten minutes wins the set.

Important: Maintain your distance for safety. Keep to your side of the court - even if you are on the same team, that means keep to the right or left if you are a batter or around the half circle surrounding the net area if you are a goalkeeper.

Also: No balancing the ball on the racket, that is cheating.

Maximum number of players: 6. Given lockdown restrictions, you can lower it to as many as two if you can hit the ball with the racket and attempt to catch it with one hand free.

note: This sport has been made for the rule of six, but given current restrictions I would argue that the game can be played with as few as two players. The court can be as big as a tennis court or as small as the average garden.

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