The new sport of Pounceball was created in November 2013 by Micah Greenberg from Boston, Massachusetts. In this sport you use sports disks to score goals.


There are two kinds of pounceball: Dead and Alive. They are both played with sports disks, with 9 players per team (goalie included), each player having two sports disks. Dead Pounceball is played with a little pom pom ball, which doesn't bounce and is hard to pick up using only the sports disks. This is heavily based on passing, aim, and precision. Alive Pounceball is played in a closed box room, similar to a giant squash court, and the ball is a very bouncy squash ball. In alive pounceball, the goals are just taped up sections in the wall, but in dead pounceball, the goals are similar to hockey nets. In both, nobody can use their hand to touch the ball in any way, or make obvious physical contact with another player. Also, in both, the is a line at which goals scored from behind that line are worth 2. In Alive Pounceball, if a goal is scored, a rebound goal can still be scored. In fact, up to ten goals can be scored at a time, and the clock never stops. It is a really fun and exciting sport.

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