polearm playerCreated by Jaime L Lapides in November 2010, Polearmball is a unique team sport compared to other mainstream sports and requires skill sets that are new and un-practiced. In many respects while all sports have common elements they tend to stand alone. Baseball is baseball. Football is football. Tennis is tennis. Polearmball is like that. It stands alone.

Polearmball is a role playing sport. In respect to role playing Polearmball challenges gamers to get out of their seats and take their role playing to the Polearmball playing field. Bring a warrior character you play online to life in Polearmball by becoming that character.
Polearmball is conducive to both short and tall athletes. Teams may be coed. Both males and females may play on the same team. All male or all female teams may play the same gender or opposite gender. Polearmball is also an entertainment sport that rewards players for their performance. Polearmball is a martial arts sport. Polearmball is also a free runners haven. The object of the game is to score deliveries and earn more points than the other team. Both offense and defense can score points during the same plays. Polearmball uses a unique polearm, a unique ball, and stationary targets.

polearm toss upEquipment Required

Polearmball uses a unique polearm, a unique ball, and stationary targets. Apart from the stationary targets one player is a designated "Runner" from one team who is a human target. The Runner wears a protective vest which also identifies him/her on the field. Players wear athletic costumes based on one of four themes each team chooses.

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See the http://www.polearmball.com/ - The Inaugural Rule Book may be found in the member's area on the website. Membership is free.

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