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The new sport of Pilit was created by Jonathan Andrus of Harrisburg, North Carolina USA in May 2018. Pilit is a quick paced, no contact game, most similar to that of lacrosse. It takes mostly good coordination and quick movements to be good at, but can be played by anyone with the equipment and friends.

Sport Description

The goal of the game is to score points by hitting a ball into a hoop that is two yards above the ground. The farther you are from the hoop you are when you score, the more points you're team gets. 2-8 yards away = 1 point zone; 8-14 yards away = 2 point zone; 14-20 yards away = 3 point zone. You cannot score 2 yards or closer to the hoop.

The rackets used are flat so you can't carry the ball (which should be about the size of a tennis ball). The ball must stay in the air and can't touch the ground. You keep it in the air by bouncing (or 'hitting') it off the racket. No player can hit it more then three teams in a row. Once three hits is reached a pass to another teammate must be attempted.

This sport is no contact and is best played with two teams of four. The game consists of four, fifteen minute quarters, usually with 5 minute intervals. 

Equipment Required

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