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Phasketboot is a newly invented sport by Titus Bishop and friends (2011). It is basically a mix between basketball, football and ultimate frisbee. It was invented at a birthday party but it is now played at the local high school (which is very big) in gym class and is becoming very popular! There is also a Facebook and twitter account for it @phasketboot.

Game Play

Phasketboot is played in someone's driveway who has a basketball hoop and a grassy area. It is played 3 on 3 with subs going in every point.

To start, one time takes the ball on the edge of the grass on the opposite side of the driveway as the hoop an says hut, then the other team may rush and try to tackle them while they are in the grass.

Once the ball is advanced onto the driveway, basketball rules apply like traveling and fouls. Whenever the ball hits the ground on the driveway the other team gets the ball (like ultimate frisbee) but they have to take it back to the grass.

Phasketboot LogoAlso, the hoop is set to 8 ft so that it is easy to dunk and goaltending is allowed which makes it very fun! If you shoot from anywhere on the driveway it is 1 point, anywhere in the grass on the opposite side is 2 points and you play to 11, win by 2.

After each made basket, the player that made the basket shoots what we call a PAB (Point After Basket) from the grass and if they make it their team gets the ball back, but if they miss the other team takes the ball and starts from the grass again. See video.

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