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Palmball Association (Tigita)

Palmball Association is a new sport created by Alexandre Nshimirimana from Burundi in June 2021. It is played on a soccer field, and involves running with a ball on the palm and to make if fall on the ground for legs by kicking it with a hand.

To score, they shoot the ball on a goal post and it must bounce backward and get out from a goal mouth via it horizontal line without any opponent touching it.

It is palmball association because on the beach it is Beach Palmball. On the ice, it is Ice Palmball. In a room, it is an Indoors Palmball, in a pool of 0.5m height, it is a Pool Palmball. When the movements of legs and hands are free (when they play however they want with arms and arms, with the rule of not attacking who shoots a ball with a leg when you are close to them at 2 meters and less. It becomes Free palmball.

Equipment Required:  A ball whose conditions are very near the soccer one, running shoes.

Description of Palmball Association

1.Team. Maximum: 6 players.  Minimum of a team: 4 players. For example, 4 or 5 players may play against another team of 6 players when some of their team are late or absent. Substitution: Beteween one and three players.

2.Time: 40 minutes divided into 4 pauses of 3 minutes each and 15 minutes of midtime.

3. A playground: The Soccer one.

4. How to play: 

4.1. A match of Palmball association starts in the goal mouth. Two teams are in the playground, each one in its own zone and a player of a starting team may  put a ball one a palm and runs or may depose it on the pitch and kick it with a leg.

4.2. The legs pass the ball to the hands and the hands pass it to the legs, alternatively but the legs may pass to legs one time.

4.3. To play with the legs, a player is allowed to do all technics like in soccer about ball control.

4.4. Leg never kicks a ball with is not on the soil, except to score. This rule is to avoid any collusion of legs and hands.

4.5. No sliding tackles. Sliding tackle is punished with a red card due to the high seep of the sport. A player who has a ball on his palm is running too fast like in a run of 100 meters in athletics so that when he gets a sliding tackle he falls down heavily what is dangerous.

5. A leg must pass to palm. A player may gently rise a ball in air with, catches it with a palm and runs. When he puts a ball on his palm, his arm must be half open as a possible small arm open, it can be totally open and the ball never touches the rest of his body. The second possibility of passing a ball to another player with a leg, a player may kick it in air forward his coteam who may catches it with a palm or with two hands.

When a player catches the ball with two hands, he must stop and must put it on on palm before he starts running. While running with a ball on a palm, a player may interchange palms, throws the ball in air and catches for palm dribbles or challenges.

6. Hands never give any pass to another player. When a player has a ball in hands, to give a pass to another player, he must let the ball fall down and when the ball reaches the soil, he plays it with the legs so that he can give a pass with the legs. Here, the general rule is clear: a leg never kicks as shoot a ball which is in air, it has to slow it down or give oneself a gentle pass to one's palm but a leg may kick or shoot a ball which is in air then it is an occasion of shooting on a goal post to score and the arms never never give a pass to another player. The arms give passes to legs only.

7. A player who gets a leg pass with leg must play it with hands before to pass it. 

8. To score, they shoot the ball on a goal post and it must bounce backward and get out from a goalmouth via it horizontal line without any opponent touching it and deviate it from crossing the horizontal of a goal mouth.

9. How to score: To score, with a leg, a player must shoot strongly a ball on a goal post and that ball must bounce backward and cross the horizontal line of the goal mouth. To score on two vertical goal post trees is one goal. To score on the horizontal goal post tree are three goals.

In Palmball Association, a goalkeeper is facultative; a team may put in its goal post a goalkeeper or may let it. They reason is that any player may become a goalkeeper whenever he wants because every player plays with legs and arms.
10.To avoid the strategy of mobbing goal post trees in order to prevent the opponent team from scoring, each goal post tree is in a half circle of one meter of diameter and for the players who defend that goal post, only one player is allowed to get in the two half circles. If a player is one half circle, the second one must be empty. 

11. In Palmball Association, red card and yellow one are used.

12. A yellow card is used to punish dangerous fouls like to kick a ball which in air them it is not to score, to try to fight, to put off a tee- shirt and throw it to fans, to mob a goal post vertical tree, the be aggressive physically or in words, to harm simply another player willingly, in brief, to break dangerously any rule is punished with a yellow card and three yellow cards equal a red card.

13. A red card is used to punish the very dangerous willing fouls. For example to fight, to harm dangerously and willingly another player, to insult a player, a referee or a spectator with taboo words or all other kind of taboos like racism, nudity, to tackle a player in sliding way, to kick a referee willingly, three successive refusal to follow a referee orders, etc.

14. The simple fouls are not punished with a card, a referee uses advices.

15. All unwilling fouls are not punished.

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