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Paddle X

The new sport of Paddle X was created by Bryce Bailey from Bangor, Maine, United States in April 2019. An indoor sport played on a rectangular wood court. Teams score by hitting the ball off a back wall into scoring areas, while a 'snatcher' moves around with a net trying to catch the ball.

Equipment Required: wood paddles, a plastic ball and a nylon net.

Sport Rules

The game is divided into four fifteen-minute quarters. The winning team is to score the most major points at the end of four quarters, with minor points as a tiebreaker. If both minor and major points are tied, the game goes to an overtime. A major point leads to an instant overtime victory, whereas minor points otherwise decide the game.  

Playing area: a rectangular wood court with walls on both far ends. 

Scoring boundary: a line designates the scoring boundary between the playing area, where players are allowed to be, and about 15 Feet of space before the wall. 

Midpoint: a line in the middle of the court, separating the teams during faceoffs. 

Faceoffs: start a quarter, with a player from each team in the center circle waiting for a referee to bounce the ball, so that he or she can hit it to his or her team for possession. 

Major points: are scored by hitting the ball past the scoring boundary, taking one bounce on the floor, hitting the wall and taking one other bounce before returning to the playing area. The ball must take exactly one bounce before and after hitting the wall. 

Minor points: are scored by hitting the wall, for the ball to return directly to the playing area, with no bounces between the wall and scoring boundary. 

The Snatcher: one player on each team, designated "the Snatcher", takes turns carrying the net. While the other team has possession, the snatcher can attempt one throw to try to catch the ball with the net. If the ball is "snatched" successfully, possession changes and the opposing team's snatcher can receive the net. After an unsuccessful throw, however, the opposing snatcher can receive the net and use it when the other team gets possession. If a snatcher never attempts a throw during the opposing team's possession, he or she does a "drop", like in golf, so that the opposing snatcher can pick it up. 

The closer: has a chance to earn a major point at the end of each quarter. Where the ball stops, when time runs out, is where the ball is lied on the ground. Each closer stands on the other side of the scoring boundary on the opposing team's halfcourt (the only time a player can cross the scoring boundary) and hits his or her own ball as close as possible to the game ball (like bocce ball). 

Movement: offensive players with the ball must advance by dribbling the ball with the paddle, either on the ground or in the air, similar to dribbling in basketball. 

Fouls: there are similar contact fouls to the game of basketball. 

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