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Overball is a new sport created by Daniel Donche from Colorado Springs, USA, in 2012. Overball is a field sport, with elements of soccer, rugby, and volleyball. The game is named so because the ball, called the overball, may only move forward (towards the goal area) while it is in the air. Forward motion stops when the ball touches the ground, but kicking backwards is allowed.

Equipment Required: Football field with yard lines, soccer ball, cleats

Sport Description

Two teams of 10 play on a standard American football field. Each endzone is called a shade, and each 10-yard section is called a spill. Each team must get the overball into the opposing shade by punting, throwing, bumping, or tossing the overball to another teammate. Catching the overball while in the opponent's shade results in a goal (1 point).

If the ball becomes grounded (touches the ground), it may only be kicked within its current spill or backwards. Standard possession (handling) may resume if a player kicks the ball up so another player can handle it.

Players in possession of the ball may be tackled. In this instance, the ball changes possession and begins from the current spill with a ground reset (ball is placed in the center of the spill and opposing players must buffer - they cannot enter that spill until the ball exits it).

There are three periods called tries. The ball is kicked off from the ground or a drop from the 15 yard line to start the 1st and 3rd tries and when a team scores a goal. The 2nd try begins with a "pip-off" where the ball is placed center field and all players buffer until the referee blows the whistle to start.

Should there be an infraction, the referee stops the clock and initiates a ground reset, an in-hand reset, or a penalty kick (the only ground kicks besides kick-offs that can move forward). Penalties also include loss of a spill.

Game continues for a maximum of 90 minutes or until a team reaches 9 goals.

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