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The new sport of Osted was created by William Scott of Texas USA in March 2014. The goal is to roll a ball down a hill. The player that rolls it the farthest wins.


There's 2 ways to play; match play and tournament play.

Match play

2 players go against each other for however many rounds, or as called in Osted, "paces". Each pace you play 2 out of 3. The paces are divided into sets, which they play 2 out of 3.

Tournament play

You can have however many players you want. Each player gets 2 roles, the roll that goes the farthest for that player is the one that counts. The player that rolls the ball the farthest wins.Osted Ball


You cannot throw the ball. You can do a small and short toss or just roll it on the ground. If you do throw the ball or do a long toss, you get a warning and another roll. You only get 1 warning per pace. If you have more than 1 warning, you lose that set. If the ball goes off course, it is marked on where it goes out of bounds.


A small ball. Try to find a hill that is grassy or rocky and has many twists and turns that make it challenging. The best ones you find are probably not in your backyard. Areas of higher elevation or in the woods are the best places, but there will be many hills you can find to play on.You can use a trail or road also, anything that goes downhill.

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