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One Touch Ping

The new sport of One Touch Ping was created by David Chapple and James Allen from Swindon, England in September 2013. One Touch Ping is a sport based around the game of football, however adapted to incorporate key elements and techniques of the game. The primary aim is to, using only one touch, score a goal in your opponent's goal net from your own half. The winning team is determined by how many goals scored in the time allowed. The game can be played in Singles (1v1) or Doubles mode (2v2).

Equipment Required: a Football, 2x 6-a-side goal nets


Playing Rules

  1. TEAMS CAN CONSIST OF UP TO 3 PLAYERS (1V1 & 2V2 plus substitutes)
  2. Duration: Each game is 50 mins :  2x 25 minute halves.
  3. Teams change ends after a Half Time break of 5 minutes.
  4. The player/team in possession of the ball can call a 'Time Out'  of 30 seconds. Two 'Time Outs' per game.
  5. Substitutions are rolling subs that can only be made when in possession of the ball.
  6. A player from each team must only have 1 touch whilst in their own half.
    1. Example in a doubles match (2V2) - 1 touch per player. 2nd player to touch ball must return ball (shot) in to opposing goal.
  7. Players from each team will try to score a goal in the opposing goal.
  8. Players are not allowed to touch the ball in their opponent's half.
    1. Player are allowed in their opponent's half, however are not allowed to interfere with play, touch the ball or block the ball whilst in the opponent's half. A penalty/free shot will apply if this happens.
  9. If a player from either team uses their hand to stop the ball intentionally, a penalty shot will be awarded to opposing team. It will be taken inside centre circle in a 1v1 situation (free shot).
  10. Players can use walls/ceiling throughout the game.
  11. In the event of a goal, the conceding team will serve the ball back using a drop goal technique.
  12. Players have 6 seconds to return the ball to their opponents half.
    1. In the occurrence of the football getting stuck in the net/behind goal, the team with the ball can move the ball 2 steps forward (should they wish to).
  13. No return rule -  If a team doesn't successfully return the ball to their opponent (opponents half) the ball is turned over. If this happens 3 times, a penalty shot is awarded.

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