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One In Ten

This new sport is invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur city in Maharashtra State of India in 2018. A player must carry a ball to the goals while blindfolded following the sound made by his sighted partner.

Equipment Required: Safety equipments are helmets etc. to avoid injury by hit of rubber ball, knee caps etc. ground marking materials i.e. strips marking etc. whistles, 10 rubber balls, one football like big ball.

This sport can become very useful for the players who are visually impaired as they can play this sport on equal footing with others.

Sport Description

One in Ten is to be played in-between two teams in a ground size approximately 100 meters by 50 meters. In each team there will be 12 members. There will be a two goal points at the end of this ground just like in football.

Out of twelve members of each team one member will be a goal keeper and one player will be the instructor. The goalkeeper will stand in a goal point and will not allow the ball to enter into goal.

Any type of robust ball having size like football can be used. Apart from goalkeeper the remaining ten players will be grouped in five pairs. Means each pair will be having two players / partners. These partners in five groups will not change or no partner will be repeated with another player.

At a time one group of any team will play and all eleven members of another team will defend. The defending team players except goalkeeper will have the rubber balls in their hands. Ten players of the defending team will stand on both sides of the ground boundary line. Five players will stand on one hundred meter line on equal distance say twenty meters apart. Another five members will stand in the same way on line opposite side.

Here parallel lines will be drawn on the ground on every ten meters which will be the area for one defendant player means player will not stand exactly opposite point of another player. It means that each ten meters width of ground strip will be defended by each defending player. Goal post will be located on both opposite end means on the center of fifty meter line. Each goalpost will be six meter wide. There will be the marking of this six meter line of goal points. There will not be any net.

If ball crosses the boundary line through this six meter line then it will be called as goal. Goal keeper will stand anywhere on this six meter line. Each defending player will have a rubber ball in his hand. Each team will get ten chances. There are five groups in each team. In each group there are two players. Out of which one player will be blind folded and another will guide him by remaining with him.

Guiding player will not touch the blind folded player he will only speak with him. Blindfolded player will keep the ringing bell in his hand and keep on ringing this bell while playing. Blind folded partner will kick / dribble the ball with his feet and will not touch them by hands. Guiding player will also not touch the ball (ball which is of the football size).

The ball will be kept at the center of the goal post and this group of two partners will take this ball to exactly opposite goal post. Guiding player will give the information of the ball position to the blind-folded partner who will kick the ball.

After reaching another end the goal will happen or not but the role of the partner will change. The guiding partner will become blind-folded and blindfolded partner will remove the blind fold and become the guiding partner.

If due to any physical reason (accepted by all before starting the sport) it is not found practically possible (due to visually impair partner) then the same team will be given a second chance as it is. They have to play in the same way from one end to another.

While the group of one team is taking the ball to opposite goal post the defendant team will oppose the movement of the blindfolded partner (bell ringing man) by throwing the rubber ball towards the direction of sound of the bell.

The defendant players will also be blindfolded so they will only hear the sound of the ringing bell. When blindfolded partner (Ringing Bell holder) is in first 10 meter strip then first defendant player incharge of that strip will throw the rubber ball towards him and will try to make his throw successful. If rubber ball touches the blindfolded player the defendant team will get the points. Defendant player will stand anywhere on his ten meters line but will not come forward in the play ground. 

The instructor player will run on the ground to collect the ball (will return the ball for throw to defendant player) and will give the instruction to our team blindfolded player about the position of ball kicking blind folded player of another team. The incharge of that particular strip of ground will only through the rubber ball towards opponent player. The instructor will intimate another defendant player of his team when big ball (and two partners) will enter in his strip area. The goal keeper will also be blindfolded and his team instructor will make him aware by giving oral / speaking instructions to oppose the big ball. 

The goal keeper can oppose the ball by any part of his body but he will only stand, near the goal line (may be not exactly on the line). He can pick / hold the ball by his hand. Every successful hit /touch of the rubber ball will get 2 (two) points and every goal will get 20 points. Every successful crossing of one strip (10 meter width) will be given 4 points each. Hit to the big ball should be made (by blind folded partner with ringing bell/whistle) in such a way that ball should at least rest /stop in each successive strip if not foul/wrong move will be noted and 4 points will be deducted from the points of playing team for each foul/wrong move. 

To make a goal one group (two members) has to travel from one end to another.  In this way every team can take a maximum 10 chances of goal points. All the points will be added. Five groups of every team will play. Every group will get two chances. Every player will get one chance of goal making. After the play of one team the role will be changed. In this way both teams will play. The team having bigger score will be declared winner.

If hand driven ringing bell is not found suitable then electric cell operated bell can be fitted to the belt which is worn by blindfolded ball kicking player. If no such arrangement is possible then whistle can also be used to create sound.

If technology makes it possible that big ball can make a continuous noise then heating the big ball by rubber ball will collect the points instead of throwing the ball towards the blindfolded player of the moving group.


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