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Omniball is a new sport, invented by Imogen and Christian Robson. This is what they had to say about it:

"We have just invented a new sport called 'omniball'. Everyone who has played it with us now plays it at home so we're pretty sure it will catch on. There are two teams of 4-7 people and you start with the ball in the middle of the court then a whistle goes and you run to get it. You then have to get the other end of the court with the ball using anything (hands, feet, passing, wrestling ... ). You can't punch, kick, spit, bite, pinch or tickle. The only way you can score is by kicking it in and there is no goalie (only rush goalies - anyone on the team). You then just carry on playing instead of starting from the beginning once you've scored and you can carry on scoring again and again until the other team stops you. For our games we used an smallish exercise ball so you basically need to use any ball that is about 70cm long and is soft so you can grab it and bounce people off it."

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