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Nonterra is a new sport created by John from the USA, created in 2015. It is a team sport that involves using a solid cylinder that is used to transport around the playing field and to eventually score it into a half-pipe that is facing up.

"This is a sport I created out of the blue. In terms of gameplay this might be comparable to a hybrid of less violent rugby and handball; although the rules of this game differ considerably. I have no idea if this sport is playable in the way I envision it, but I very much hope it is. "

Equipment Required: A cushion shield to stall the ramming player, flag football flags, possibly cleats, a solid cylinder, and a trampoline with a half-pipe attached around it.

Sport Description

Altogether there are two teams of 15 if there are each players playing only their own position. However, there must be at least 8 players on each team. There are two phases on the playing field.  

There are two leaders that are considered the best players on the team. Either one starts out with the cylinder and the other one stays close by. 3 support players are positioned in a line in front of the leaders and are considered to be the linemen. They are usually the strongest of the players. At the very front are two forwards. Every player that has a cylinder in their hand must try to move their team forward by either running forward, ramming the opponent with their arm, or passing the cylinder. The defense has four main players who guard the forwards and leaders. There are also three other defensive players whose role is to defend and trap the support players. This matches the attacking and defending teams to 7 and 7. 

If a player gets his/her flag pulled while the cylinder is in their hand, the team gets one "down" like in football. The team has 4 downs available until the possession is switched to the opposing team. The defense cannot punch, kick, trip, or make any other physical contact besides using their arms or a cushion. They cannot push or intentionally make physical contact, they must brace themselves for impact when the player chooses to ram through a player. They must try to pull their flag while minimizing how far they're going by stalling their push. In order to score any player on the offensive end must attempt to transport themselves with the cylinder across the line that comes before the midline; this gets them 5 points. In order to move to phase 2, however, the players must transport themselves across the midline. If the cylinder hits the ground, that counts as two "downs". 

In phase 2, there is another player on the defensive end called the guard. He is essentially the goalie of a trampoline net that has a half-pipe attached around it facing upward. The goal is for the offensive players to launch the cylinder inside the half-pipe past the goalie while not losing all of their downs, which is still 5. There is a circle around the trampoline, this is the boundary of the goalie. Any player can score inside the circle only by jumping above it and launching their cylinder. In this case, the goalie is permitted to attempt to pull that players flag while they are jumping. If the goalie blocks the cylinder from going in or deflects it towards the ground as it bounces from the trampoline, that is an automatic turnover for the offensive team. 

If any player  scores into the half-pipe launching a cylinder inside the area of the second circle, that team gets 10 points. If a player scores outside that circle, then the team gets 20 points. If a player manages to hit the trampoline with the cylinder, managing to make it bounce and hit the ground, that team will get 10 points.

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