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NJ Ball

The new sport of NJ Ball was created by David H. Hultberg from Bloomfield Indiana, USA, in Spring of 2012. It is Not Just your average ball game. This game was created in 2012 and has evolved into the game as it is played today. It is easy to learn and fun to play. 

NJ Ball is played with two teams of 6-8. Played on basketball court. Ultimate frisbee style five or ten minute game.  Small ball dimenions are optional with safety of players to be considered (dodgeball size - foam or rubber inflated).  Ultimate frisbee style ball movement.  Scoring by shot on goal = 1 pt (8' wide 5' high soccer style goal), or basket = 2 or 3pt (other dimenions maybe used for the goal as desired for gameplay difficulty.)

Sport Description

Goal placed underneath and centered behind basket aligned with outside of out of bounds line.  Players of each team start with their goalie in place in front of their goal, all players but the center on red line, and the center on outside of center circle.

All players will start by laying in a pushup position.  This may be modified to a standing start if desired. The ball is tossed between the center and the game begins.   

5 or 10 minute game. 5 minute games are more intense and are preferred if time and the number of teams competing are larger. It forces a more exciting style of play. 

Many rules that are used were devloped to keep this fastpaced and often very physical game safe for participants.

Ball movement is accomplished by throwing to your teammate. Once a player has the ball they may not move except to pivot on a point as in basketball.  Throwing the ball must be done on two flat feet rather than at a run to avoid illegal movement that is too rapid to catch.

If your team drops the ball it is an automatic turnover.  If the ball is batted down or intercepted by your opponent it is a turnover. If you take a shot to score and the ball contacts any part of the goal or another player it is a turnover.

An air ball can be caught and thrown again as though the shot was a pass.

There is no stripping of the ball from another player (one arms length is the general rule thereby minimizing physical contact and inidental injury).

Scoring: shot on goal = 1 point- as in soccer. Thrown from outside the 3 point line. Both feet must be outside the 3-point line to score and the bc all must not hit the ground before making contact with the scoring surface. Baskets may also be attempted. Shots from outside three point line (must not step or land inside three point line to earn full 3 pts).  A 2-point shot may be attempted inside three point line but outide of the foul shot area (paint) which is considered the goalies zone. A shot doesn't count if you land in or step into that zone when taking the shot.

The goalie throws in the ball after each score.

You may cross through but must not stay in the goalies area.  There will be no stalling in the game. The ball must remain in motion with only reasonsble delays allowable.

Games ending in a tie: one minute overtime / sudden death if preferred / or side by side foul shots taken by the players on the floor at the end of the game. Winner is decided when one of the two shooter misses.  If both miss the next pair take their turn. Alternate which team takes the first shot.

Equipment Required: Ball (soft foam dodgeball is preferred for safety of players and peace of mind for the coach or event organizer). The harder the ball the faster it travels and the harder it hits.  It is easier to shoot and throw for experinced athletes but is hard for the beginner.  A softer foam ball slows the game a bit and evens the playing field. A goal and basket ball hoop is also required.  

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