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Mini Cricket

The new sport of Mini Cricket was created by Oliver Harris and Rory Harris from Great Britain in 2010. Mini Cricket is cricket played on your knees.


The pitch is circular, and there is a wicket. The bowler and batsmen are either end of the wicket. There are three stumps at either end and also a crease which is a line. There are 2 teams of six players.

One team bats and one team bowls. The team bowling has to select one member of team to bowl and that person swaps after six balls this is called an over. To bowl you have to push a small cricket ball towards the batsman.

The batting team has to select to players to go out to bat. One of them is at the same end as the bowler and the other is facing the bowler. Both of the batsmen have bats. When the bowler bowls the ball the batsman hits it. The other five members of the bowling team are dotted around the pitch to try and stop the ball. After the batsmen hit the ball they have to crawl to the other end of the wicket. They get a run for every time they do this. However when the bowling team collect the ball they throw it at the stumps, if the ball hits the stumps and the batsman isn't past his crease they are out and another batsman comes on this is called a wicket. After five wickets they swap round. It'll after a certain amount of overs.

The other ways you can be out is if you miss it and the ball hits the stumps or is you hit it up in the air and the other team catches it. Also if it hits your thigh in front of the stumps its out. If the bowling team can't stop the ball and it goes of the pitch it's four runs and if it goes of the pitch without touching the ground it's six runs. If the bowler bowls it too wide for the batsman to hit it's called a wide and the batting team get an extra run and an extra ball.

equipment-required:  Bats, a ball and stumps.

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