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The new sport of Mashball was created by Royce Rabajante from the Philippines in August 2014. In mashball, the popular sports like basketball, gridiron, soccer and volleyball combined into one to form one new kind of football.  Like any other kind of football, this is a team sport, each team composed of eight players. This is a limited contact sport, there is a time limit for every ball possession, no tackling involved and this can be played in a football field or arena. This is still in the construction stage, not yet played or tested in actual.  Free to comment make suggestion to the creator in the comments section below.


The field

This sport is still on its construction stage, the dimension of the field is not yet the final one, for this sport not yet tested on the field.  Playing field is similar to a popular football field but little smaller.  The field is 80 meters long, 40 meters wide.  At both end of the field is the drop zone which measures up to 10 meters.  In between the drop zone is the playing field.  This field has 3 sections, measures 20 meter each.   The line that divides the playing field and drop zone is the end line.  One meter from the end line inside the drop zone is the goal area.  The two goalposts of the goal from the drop zone extend upright and arc one meter over the playing field and hold the goal that look similar to a soccer goal.  The goal is rectangular and raised 8 feet above the ground, 2 meters wide 1.5 meter tall.  The goal is also enclosed by a box (shaded) area; it measures from the end line 10 meters by 10 meters.

Ball movement

Moving and passing the ball forward is by kicking only.  Passing the ball across each section of the field is by kicking either forward or backward.  The ball can be passed by hand only inside each section of the field.  When the ball hit the ground, it has to be picked up by foot (or feet) or kicked to pass; it's not to be picked up by hand.


There are multiple ways to score in this game.  The highest single score that can be made is 3 points.  This can be gain by shooting the ball inside the goal by kicking.   Second is 2 points, this can be gained in two ways, first, when the ball that was kicked hit the frame of the goal, the ball can be quickly hit (follow up shot) by a hand towards inside of the goal.  Second, if the ball that was kicked did not reach the goal or couple of inches or feet short of the goal, the ball can be caught and tossed in the air and another player of the same team has to spike the ball inside the goal.  All these 2 points gain can only be done inside the box that enclosed the goal.  If the catcher or spiker is outside the box there is no points gain.  The last is 1 point, which can be gained by catching the ball inside the drop zone.  The ball has to be caught by the player of the same team that kicked the ball.  The ball has to be caught inside the drop zone, not carried into the drop zone.

Duration of the game

The duration of the game is divided into four quarters; there are time outs on every quarter and half time.  Each possession of the ball has time limit (45 seconds tentatively), offense has to score before the time expires or it will be a turnover.  The ball has to be moved around and not allowed to stay in each section of the field for more than 10 seconds.

Start of the game

The very start of the game is the coin toss, to determine who will possess the ball first.  Now, the two teams will line up in the middle of the field facing each other about 10 meters apart, so that the defense will line up in the middle of the field (neutral zone) 10 meters from the offense territory, while the offense will line up inside their section.  To inbound the ball will be decided by the ball captain depends on the play or a designated in bounder of the game.  To inbound the ball the player has to stand inside the drop zone just close to the end line.  No one from each team is allowed to cross the line while the ball is not being released yet.  The offense team should be looking on the ball handler so that theyā ll know when the ball is released.  When the ball is released thatā s the time they can run, cross and position themselves accordingly.

Violations and penalties

This football is a limited contact sport, no tackling involved.  Physical contacts with opposing players are normal, but intentional movement of the body to cause harm, injury or unnecessary interference or roughness, pushing, tripping, slapping of hand is a foul.  Penalty shots or free kicks will be awarded if the foul committed was intentional or excessive.  Every three accumulated team fouls committed by both team will result a free kick, either offense or defense, but ball possession will not be affected.  Violence will not be tolerated; he/she will be immediately ejected out of the ball game.  Five personal fouls mean ejection too.

Uniforms and equipment

Uniforms of players are just T-shirts, shorts, football shoes, and shin guards (optional), gloves (optional).  T-shirt is printed with teams name at the front, playerā s number on both sleeves, playerā s name at the back and number.  Ball to be used is either football oval type or volleyball or basketball but smaller, the one that can be easily carried or thrown by one hand and not injured the leg or foot when kicked.

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