The new sport of Manus was created by Hunter Hiller from Ohio USA in September 2015. Manus is a fun and rough sport, that you can play with your family and friends. It also requires skills such as speed, strength and focus. Manus is played on a square field, there are two sides - the running side and the tackling side.


Positions - Running Side

Positions - Tackling Side

If the ball protector drops the ball anyone can try to kick it into the scoring zone or pick it up and run it into the scoring zone. If a player bites or kicks or head butts another player they will be kicked out of the game. You can tackle players and you can only block by hitting with your forearm.

equipment required: Manus ball (Hard small pillow shaped ball) Dri-fit jersey and A mouthpiece and Padded pants, Manus gloves (leather padded sports gloves) knee pads and elbow pads and Cleats.

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