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Mini Indoor Soccer (M.I. Soccer)

MI Soccer is a new sport. From John Echeverry (Jan 2012): "Me and my cousin have invented a new sport called (M.I.) soccer. It stands for mini indoor soccer. The idea is that you get a spongy ball big enough so that if you have any couches or low-lying seats the ball doesn't go through but big enough so that it doesn't break everything it hits. Here are the rules. Hope you enjoy the game. :)"

MI Soccer Rules

  1. No hitting, biting, pinching, or knocking over.
  2. When cornered you must not use your hands to hang on to anything (except when your falling and only to the floor)
  3. Can be played with any doors, entrances,or archways in the house.
  4. When starting the ball goes to whoever gets the heads when flipping a coin of any type.
  5. When your feet, torso, or head cannot touch the ball you may use your hands but has to be thrown in after picked up.
  6. Its soccer, so, no hands (remember the ONE exception though).
  7. Using the environment for your advantage is fair and highly recommended (GET CREATIVE).
  8. More of a two player game but can be played with many depending on house size.

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