The new sport of Loop (pool spelled backwards!) was created by British mathematician Alex Bellos. The game is played on an elliptical shaped pool table, with a dot at one focus point, and the hole (pocket) at another. The aim is to win by potting a color ball and then the black ball. The key to winning is to always calculate the angles by considering the positions of the focus points. Loop will have its inaugural championship at the Port Eliot Festival in 2015.

Equipment Required: elliptical pool table, pool cue, chalk, pool balls (black, yellow, red, white),


The starting position is with the black ball on the dot, with a red and a yellow on either side. The cue (white) ball is positioned anywhere on the line between the black and the pocket. 

The first player names a color that he wants to pot (either yelow or red) and the first shot must hit that color. The other player must aim to pocket the other color. The game proceeds like pool, with each player taking alternate shots until the first person has potted their color and the black. A player who pots the black with his or her color still on the table loses the game.

website: www.loop-the-game.com

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