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The new sport of Longball was created by David Reardon of London, UK in Christmas 2015. Longball is a bat and ball game for two teams of 10-a-side, played on a diamond-shaped field 95 feet in length along each side. (it's different from Danish Longball, a bat and ball game developed in Denmark)

Covering (Fielding) Team:

The Hurler (Pitcher) throws the ball underarm towards the batter and after throwing the ball he becomes the Field Cover.  Once the ball has been hit by the batter each member of the Covering team attempts to either catch the ball before it hits the ground (a Catch Out) or once retrieved throw it to the Cover of the Point the batter is running towards before the batter reaches that Point (a Run Out).

This procedure is repeated until each member of the batting team has achieved a Home Run (see below) or been caught/run out.

longball fieldlongball field

Batting Team:

Each batter tries to hit the ball as hard as possible using 1 hand only and run from the Home Point to the Field Point and back again (a Home Run) without being caught or run out (a Dismissal) or, if this is impossible in one go, to run to the Field Point only (a Field Run).  A Home Run scores 3 points and a Field Run scores 1 point, which is converted to 3 points should the batter complete a Home Run before being run out.  If caught out before reaching the Home Point the batter keeps his score of 1 point.

longball scoringlongball scoring sheet

Should a batter not hit the ball, an Away is called by the Home Cover, and three Aways count as a Dismissal meaning the next batter must play.  Each member of the batting team takes their turn until all have made a Home Run, completion of which is called a Term.  However, if the last batter is caught or run out before the penultimate has made a Home Run, the game is over. A maximum of 30 points is therefore available for each Term.

equipment-required: The equipment used is a three-quarter length baseball bat made of wood (preferably willow) and a tennis ball.

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