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The new sport of Limball was created by Matteo Fumagalli and Sebastiaan van Gilst from Luxembourg in August 2010. It is a non-contact (beach) sport in which a juggling ball is kept up by teams of 3 with hits from any body part in order to score a goal. This sport has proved to be extremely fun and burns a high amount of calories.

equipment-required: It uses simply equipment, namely a juggling ball (or something like it) and anything available for goalposts.


The game consist of two teams of 3 player and is played on a rectangular pitch consisting of length around 10 meters and a width of around 8 meters with two goals of width around 1 meter and height around 1 meter at either end. A "D" shape, with a diameter of 3m away from the closest point of the goal is also present on either side. The winner of the game is the first team to reach 10 goals.

The rules of the game go as follows: The ball must be kept in the air with short hits from any body part, if the ball is dropped, it is a turn over. If it is intercepted and hits the ground, the ball is still live and may be flicked up with the foot by any team. In order to score a goal, the player must have at least one foot in the "D" and the ball must be kicked in, without it touching the ground prior. At the beginning of every game or after a goal is scored, the trailing team must start the kick-off by flicking the ball up from a stationary position at the top of their D with their foot. Passes can be made by hitting the ball to a teammate and interceptions must also be made "all whilst hitting the ball". Limball is a non-contact sport and hence using your body to shield, push or hit people is illegal.

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