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The new sport of Leadball was created by Daniel goff of Ohio, USA in 2016. Leadball is a sport when players run with sticks and hit the other teams players with a ball or try to make a goal in a hoop over the goalie for extra points when the game is over the team with the most points wins.

Equipment Required

- Ball; made of lead, rubber bands, and a tight material on the outside
- Elbow pads
- Knee pads
- Enclosed metal helmet with a black visor
- Lead ball cleats or cleats without toe spikes


In Leadball players stay on one side of an indoor AstroTurf field with their team and try to get a ball and throw it at the other team to get one point or throw the ball into a big hoop without a net protected by a goalie with a special stick for 3 points.

There are 5 different positions, guardian which is a player that stands at the line attempting to protect his teammates if a ball hits a guardian the points do not count. Another position is a collecter, a collecter picks up balls and gives them to an attacker any position can do this but a collecter can only do this, an attacker is a player who hits the other team or shoots it into the goal. The last position is the goalie the goalie protects the hoop and shoots it into the other hoop but can't hit any other player.

The hoop and goalie is on a raised platform. A scorekeeper is the scorekeeper of the game there are 5 for each ball they watch there own ball and count the points for there ball at the end all points are added up and the team with the most points wins. There must be 15 players on a field at a time if there is more or less all balls go to the opposite team same if you cross the line.

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