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Lawn Football - a new sport

Lawn Football is a new sport created by Christian Ulunta and Jonathan Ulunta from Nigeria. In 2010. In 2022 they coincidentally mate Isaac O Isaac and Olileanya Ndudim with Same Vision.

Lawn Football is primarily an individual game, being played in a foot tennis format. Each player must return the ball to this opponent on a counter kick contest during a game.

The game is played on a grassed or cement size of 14 by 6 meter court, there is no center net, rather a 5 meter bounce restriction yard. The ball must bounce only once in a player's side before returning the ball. A player has the right of only 5 touches before returning the ball. Lawn Football game allows 20 services for a players a single match, that is 40 services in all.

WAFL Australian Football PLayer kicking for goal

Description of Lawn Football


Lawn Football can be played in a surface the ball could bounce on. But the standard to be used by Lawn Football Authority (LFA) for international viewing games is grassed land. It could be natural or artificial.

The Court dimension is 14m X 6m. And the object of play is size 4 football. A player play with any good jersey of his choice, and could have his name written behind the jersey.


Lawn Football is naturally structured to be one-on-one game, like tennis. But in spite being an individual game, it is also a team game. So lawn Football on a Secondary nature, is a team game (Relay). That is to say that an individual player, who participates in an Open tournament, must also belong to a particular (RELAY) team/club.

But how can one-on-one game like Lawn Football, be a team game?

The game of lawn football has the playing rule of 3 set or sections action in a full match for individual game. That is 10 services, 5 for each player.

The total services for a full game will be 30. The game shouldn't be played more than 1 hour, even if the total services is not up to 30.

There is an additional rules for team game. The team game is being played my 3 players in each side. There must no be double participation in a match. Lawn Football team game is being called "Lawn Football Relay". Every player must belong to a LFR club or team.

The format of the team game is that all 3 players must play on a match, one after another on a 2 times rotating substitution. Each team can adjust playing time of each player. One player can play 14 minutes or services, cutting 4 services from another player who will play 6 services.
A team can choose to bring on player twice in one single match, But it must not be in the same half.

In this regard the game period remains 60 minutes or more, but divided into two halves. Each player is being allotted 10 services and all 60 services must be served even if the game goes beyond the expected time.

Before any match resumes,each team should draw and submit Substitution Time List (STL) confidentially to the match officials. It is expected that opponents should not know before hand time period a coach schedule for each player, so that best players may miss to meet in the same game or coincidentally meet and alike.



A point is being scored against a player when his action or game approaches contradicts the rules.


One Referee in a match. He is to stand beside the court with his whistle.

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