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The new sport of Lav Ball was created by Ryan Lavrich from Ohio USA in September 2016. Lav Ball is a combination of many athletic skills.

Equipment Required:


The game is played on a 50 yard field with a pin on each side. The goal is to score the most points by knocking one of the pins over. You can score on any pin, but you need to cross center field before scoring on the pin that is on the same side you are starting on.

The game starts out with one of the teams kick or punting the ball to the other team.

There are four 12 minute quarters. A point is rewarded to a team if they knock a pin over (a boot), and only one point can be scored on a possession, with the exception of being fouled.

You move the ball by passing the ball and you can only take up to 4 steps. You can roll the ball or hit the ground on a shot but no one else on your team can touch it or it is a foul.

One foul in a game is just a warning and it is the other team's ball. The second foul on a team is one free shot for the team that was fouled. 3rd foul is 1 free shot and the ball back. The 4th foul is 2 free shots and the ball back. 4 fouls for a player is a disqualification. Fouls are usually hitting or tackling a player, messing with a pin, knocking over a pin, traveling, etc.

There are six positions. They are runner (play runner), receiver, forward, blocker, fielder (center fielder), and defense. Only six players are allowed on the field at a time.

There are out of bounds line but you can catch a ball out of bounds. You can not fall with the ball out of bounds. If the ball hits the turf on a pass then it is a turn over. A ball that lands out of bounce is a pass in for the other team.

Winner of the game is the team with the most boots.

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