Lander Cars

The new sport of Lander Cars was created by John Yi in June 2014. This race style sport uses 2 main parts. The Slider, or the main car, and the Hook Oar, or what racers use to drag themselves forward. The goal of the game is to use the Hook Oar and drag the lightweight Slider to the finish line. Each racer sits in their Slider. They use the Hook Oar to drag and push forward, similar to rowing a boat. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner. There are many types of Sliders and Hook Oars. The Sliders can be 6 wheel, 4 wheel, 2 belt, 1 belt, no belt, grabholds, no grabholds.

Equipment Required: 1 Slider, 1 Hook Oar, 2 sets of standard uniform (t-shirt, shorts, light elbow and knee pads, tray hat), wheel oils and repair kit, hook-oar carrying case, slider storage area.


Since this game is a race, the first to cross the finish line wins.


  1. Contestants cannot hit each other purposely in ANY WAY! No kicking, shoving, grabbing etc.
  2. No pre-starting
  3. Contestants can get out of their slider and push it, but only in certain shaded zones. If they push the slider outside of a zone, it is a pushing foul.
  4. The hook-oar may not be used to block someone. It can, however, be used to "stretch" across the finish line.


  1. pushing foul
  2. prestarting foul
  3. roughing foul
  4. blocking foul
  5. team foul ( this foul is where an alliance is formed between 2 opponents and one "pushes" the other ahead.)

The contestants line up at the start-finish line. At the "GO!", racers push their sliders along with the hook oars, like rowing a boat. If a racer's slider did not build enough speed, the racer can push it forward manually at a push zone. Racers ride through a course with twist turns, jumps and bumps, and flat sections.

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