Knockout Ball

Knockout Ball is a new sport created in March 2014 by Patrick C. of Zanesville, Ohio, United States. KNockout Ball is a cross between tennis and dodgeball, with a volleyball net.


Two teams of 6 partake in this game, played on a volleyball court. To start, one team puts the ball in play by means of a serve. The ball must travel over the net, where the receiving team tries to return it. The serving team tries to return it, and etc. A tennis racket is required for this. Only one contact is allowed. This continues until the ball is dead by means similar to that of volleyball, or if the ball makes clear contact with a player. In the case of the latter, the player is out, and the opposing team serves. In the former, service will alternate between teams. When a player is out, they must sit out for the remainder of the game. Last man on the court wins the game for his team. Best 3 out of 5 games determines the match.


Volleyball net, dodgeball, tennis racket.

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