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Kick Bolz

The new sport of Kick Bolz was created by Noah Comstock and friends in December 2017. It's pretty much dodgeball where you have to kick the balls and not throw them.

Equipment Required: Any kind of ball. Preferably ones that will not hurt if you are hit by them in the face. You need 1 ball for every person that is playing.


  1. This game is played in any enclosed gym or room. Minimum of 4 players.
  2. All balls in mid court circle to begin. All players spread across gym wall with both feet touching the wall. On three count, everyone runs for ball.
  3. You are out if you are hit by an intentionally kicked ball. (Direct kick only!)
  4. If you kick a ball and it is caught, then you are out. (Again, only straight kick.)
  5. When out, sit down in place. You may rejoin game if you can touch a nearby ball. (Has to be a different ball than the one that got you out.) No scooting, rolling, or movement that allows you to move from your spot to get a ball.
  6. Bounces off of a wall do not count. Any kicked ball that strikes a person or is caught after bouncing does not count.
  7. No throwing of the balls. The only time a ball should be touched with hands is during a catch.

"Lightning round"

The lightning round is used to speed up a slow moving game. After 5 minutes of normal gameplay, if no one has won then lightning round begins. It lasts for one minute.

  1. Any ball that is intentionally kicked, bounces off a wall and strikes a person, counts. That person is out.
  2. Any ball that is kicked, bounces off the wall and is caught counts. The kicker of the ball is out.

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