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The new sport of Ketteryys was created by Jake Parker from England in 2019. Ketteryys, which means agility in Finnish, is a martial art that is fought on a 10 by 10 meter cage that has a bouncy netting around.

Equipment Required: Ketteryys gloves, 10 by 10 netted cage. 

Sport Description

The fighters start on either side of the cage and has 20 minutes to either make the opponent submit, get more points, or knock the opponent out. These are the only way to you win. The fighters use stances from WWE and karate and elbows and head butts like in muy thai boxing. You can use elbows, head, hands but you can't use your feet for nothing but your stance

You can't spit scratch kick or punch the face you have to aim for the body and the feet. You can't hold onto the opponent for more than 20 seconds, if the opponent falls on the floor you can't touch them . This makes the fighter move around a lot and so if you want to fight you have to be fast. 

You wear hard boxing gloves specifically made for this martial art that makes the punches hurt more. You can also use unique throws to win.

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