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The new sport of Jimuball was created by Nyasha Gideon Buruvuru from South Africa in February 2019. Jimuball is a team ball sport in which two teams of 8 players each opposing one another in a rectangular court, compete with the primary objective of skipping an 80cm rope and shooting the ball past the goalkeeper to the back of the net of the goalpost.

Equipment Required: Two 20 meter ropes, Four pegs to hold the ropes, Two goalposts (3 meters wide and 2 meters high).

Sport Description

Once the referee blows the whistle, you begin jogging. If you feel exhausted and you want to rest, you do so in a squatting position. You do not stop jogging even if you are not in possession of the ball. You receive and pass the ball from hand to hand. You cannot use your feet to kick the ball, unless taking a free kick (only the keeper can defend using his/her feet while in his/her area).

When scoring you have to approach the rope which is 10m before the goal area and skip the rope and release the ball while in midair. You may not shoot while you have crossed the rope. If you gain possession legally while on the other side of the rope, you must throw the ball back into the field to your team member. 

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