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The new sport of Hyenbald involves using sticks to whack a ball for two rounds, and score a goal.

equipment required: Sticks (or hockey sticks if preferred), Any ball, Knee pads (optional), Football Helmet (optional)

Sport Description

First, you need 8 players, a stick or a hockey stick, any ball, knee pads, (optional) and a football helmet. (Optional)

Make teams of 2 with 4 players on each team. There should be 1 captain. If you are playing in a sandy area, draw some lines with the stick. Otherwise, set up a goal, net, or imaginary line.

If the ball passes one of those lines, you get a point for your team.

Before you begin, make sure you have a ball or something that can substitute for one. To play, you must poke the ball lightly with the stick, but make sure it rolls fast enough to your enemy's goal.

Tackling and stick whacking is allowed, but only at the knees and head. Any other place will result in a penalty or a 2-point loss; courtesy of the opposing team captain's selection.

Try to hit it like you'd hit a ball with a baseball bat; use not the ending/sharp tip, but instead a different part, say the middle. Make sure it reaches the ball though.

Whoever gets the most points over a period of time wins. You can agree on a point or time limit, but the typical time limit is 20 minutes.

There are 2 "rounds" of gameplay, each 10 minutes long. In the first round, you try to score as much points as possible. In the 2nd round, you do the same except you get double the points. So 1 goal would be 2 points in the 2nd round.

In the 2nd round, your points are reset to 0.

At the end of the game, total points are tallied up, and the team with the most points wins.

Put this in mind; if you deflate the ball, you lose 2 points, and the other team gains 2 points.

more info:

This is an outside sport, duh.

Don't hurt yourself with the stick.

In this sport, penalties don't exist.

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