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HeadVolley (a new sport)

The new sport of HeadVolley was created by Nenad Jovanovic from Belgrade, Serbia in 2005. HeadVolley is a football-based game, involving 9 different kicks(shots) at a mini soccer goal.

The first  Word Cup that was won by Predrag Jovanovic in 2005. Since then there has been 19 World cup tournaments played.  In 2020 it was decided to create non-profit governing body IHVF (International HeadVolley Federation) to establish the rules of the game and promote the sport.

Equipment Required: Soccer ball size 4 or 5.

Sport Description

HeadVolley is played between two players, 1vs1. on the one end of a mini football field (street field, futsal).

Each player takes a turn as a Striker and Goalkeeper.

Each player has 9 kicks: Head kick,Volley kick, Left leg free kick, Right leg free kick, Indirect kick, Lob kick, Double pass kick, Counter attack and Penalty kick.

1. Head kick

2. Volley kick

3. Left leg free kick

4. Right leg free kick

5. Indirect kick

6. Lob kick

7. Double pass kick

8. Counter attack

9. Penalty kick

Penalty kick is taken from the spot marked on the field. 
After penalty kick there is no continuation of the game.

Extra shots 

If the result is a draw after 9 kicks. The game will continue with 3 extra shots :
1. Head kick
2. Volley kick
3. Penalty kick

if after this 3 extra shots is still draw it will be taken another 3 shots :
1. Indirect kick
2. Lob kick
3. Counter attack 

If after this 3 extra shots is still draw it will be taken another 3 penalties.
If after 3 penalty is still draw it will be taken 1 penalty each player until the winner is decided

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