H.A.V. Football (Soccer)

The new sport of H.A.V. Football (Soccer) was created by Wade Harwood of England in August 2012. H.A.V. Football is a fast and exciting football game (soccer) with a twist game which will be great fun to play and watch for fans and TV viewers alike.


A football-soccer game to take the game to a Whole NEW LEVEL! a game witch will take America by storm! (H,A,V SOCCER) stands for headers and volleys soccer. Their will be no draw games extra time then if no team is winning after extra time it will go to penalties, but all penalties from the shoot-out are counted as 1. Their will be roll on and off substitutes. It's a game you can play indoor or outdoor. 8 aside teams.


You can earn goals scoring inside the area that counts as 1 goal and 2 outside the area. Goals from a volley are counted as 2, headers are counted as volleys. But if you score a volley from outside the area it counts as 3! Included heading the ball. And you can set up your own volleys but you cant score with the same part of your body you t'd up the ball with, and the ball must rise at least above your waist before shooting.



a shot clock and a big clock witch everyone can see in plan view. a goal line camera.

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