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Hand Hockey

Hand Hockey is a new sport created by Blake Smedly and Brayden Smedly from Montrose, Colorado USA in February 2019. Brothers Brayden (10 years old) and Blake (13 years old) invented this game in the kitchen of their house.


There is a hockey puck like thing but thinner and lighter so you can throw it harder and make it do turns and things like that. There are no boundaries. You can only use your hands and only hit it one time but as soon as it hits the wall you can hit it again. If the player double taps then the other player gets a point. And if it hits you in anywhere but the hands the point goes to the other player as well. It is 1 vs 1 game. The first one to 11 points wins that game. There are 5 rounds of each 11 point games. The first one to win 3 rounds wins. This is played on a ice rink.


  1. You can only hit one time but when it hits the wall you can hit it again. 
  2. Hitch you anywhere but the hands the other player gets a point. 
  3. There can only be allowed to players but two referees. 
  4. You must stay on your knees  
  5. If there is one coming at you and you decide to jump you must have at least one finger on the ice. 

Equipment Required:

  1. Leather soccer gloves. 
  2. Hockey  goalie helmet  
  3. Hockey goalie pads. 
  4. Composite high top shoes. 
  5. Hockey puck Lake Circle. 
  6. Elbow guards.  
  7. ice-skating rink/hockey rink. 

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