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The new sport of Gotball was created by Kurt Ashley D. Domingo of Quezon City,Philippines. This sport played first with a ball handed over 2012-2014. Its ball is need to be made of unbouncey ball because its needed for the game this game is like soccer or football but many differences not same in gotball and soccer. A 12 year old boy Kurt has invent it hardly but he continued it for long.

Equipment: There is no equipment in the game of gotball only physical requirements


1. Its field is like to the game soccer long and wide it has kinds of parts:
1.1 center -it is the center of the game field it has a line and a giant circle in center between the lines. It is used for starting ball all of the players will stand in the hand zone then the ball is in the center and first ballhander will took it for a tug of war and all of players or kickers will connect to their ballhander and pull strongly to get the ball . Who gets the ball will go to their arrangement and then the game starts.
1.2 free side - this is where you can stay up and move the ball in air in game of gotball all you got to do is balance the ball in air and if it falls read the selection of fall down rules. Free is the normal part of field no hands,no living,no sliding,no war in zone,and so far away into the goal.
1.3 hand field - it has a line for alignment or a mark for it and it has a 2 vertical lines left  and right it is used to pass and stay there because your free to use hands there not to pass but in two lines you can pass it when you use a foot in hand zone your not available to use hands. In hand field you can throw it in blake spot or life zone .
1.4 life spot/blake spot -all players has a 5 driving point,or if a player deaths in a fall down rules you can  respawn him using 5 balances in life zone or lifespot but it needs to landball.
1.5 war zone -this is where you can war in zone or like a war because in this part of field is near to landing zone or goal point.
1.6 ballhander and sidekick zone -in this statement it is ballhander moving zone or capacity land that where he guards the ball will land in at his back the landing zone. Sidekick just will go when a player goes in hand field and the ballhander will be free to move in hand field to ballhander zone. And sidekick is the guard of score.
1.7 landing zone- this is the score must go on or the ball, its called landing zone because the ball needs to land there for a 1 point (depend on the balance of ball either 2,4,etc.)
1.8 outer field -when the ball goes out in the outer field it is called 'outo' its enemies ball.

Rules for 22 bumps

1.      Set all players 10 kickers, 1 ball hander,and 1 sidekick
2.      Early hand rule - when a player touches the ball in free side,center,life spot,war zone,gets a one mistake.
3.      Mistakes -the most dangerous in game when you didn't catch the ball and you kick it. Cause mistake or mistake kick. All of mistakes range is at 20 if your team gets 20 mistakes other player wins. Mistake is when you actually wrong in games.
4.      Sharp kicks- when you kick the ball sharply into the landing zone or low and sharply goes in cause sharp kick rule. One mistake can cause.
5.      Enemy's ball - when you make fouls and mistakes. It's enemy's.
6.      Charging -when the ball will falling down a player will fights to get it so when a player injured a player charges to opponent it accuses one foul.
7.      Violence - a hard stood player fouls a charging 3x he's out of the game.
8.      Fall downs ' when you balancing a ball and it falls causes a falls. 1st fall called fall in. 2nd fall called fall down. 3rd fall called fall out, play at next halftimes and other player will substitutes you or coach's decision.
9.      Fall by - when enemy steals a ball and it falls all falls you have gave to him.
10.     Violence pass/ foul drive '  when opponent passes the ball to teammate and you owning it violently ; causes 1 foul,be fair for ball.
11.     Passbreak zone -this field is shown in the side of the field it is used for referee and you can pass there and kick the ball outside but you can't go back to free side.
12.     Ballhander -it is the guardian of landing zone,it can use hands it can move in ballhander zone to hand field when the player goes to hand ball.
13.     Side kick - this player goes to ballhander zone when the ballhander is free to move outside of ball hander zone but he stays in ballhander zone.
14.     Outo ' this means when you kick the ball or the ball goes in outer field it's into enemy's ball. You will kick it.
15.     Stomp- when you stomp the ball and accidently you fall down and injured  but a player closest to you gets one foul .
16.     Fouls -foul is when you injured a player and you take a foul ball it causes one fouls when you had 4 fouls your out of the game.
17.     Foul ball- when a player kicks the ball hand zone and you kicks it it causes one foul.

clothes for gotball

1.      The clothes for gotball is like in soccer but it is long sleeves and shorts that is for long kicking and needs to use shoe that is hard to broken.
2.      For ball hander is needs a black outfit and a heavy gloves also likes in kicker (in #1.)
3.      For side kick needs a red cup and white shirt with red stripes and jogging shirt with maroon color.
4.      Kicker clothes is depend on colors or assign in team designs.

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