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Glistro is a new sport. Sent to me by Caleb Camp in Feb 2013.

"A few friends and I enjoy playing racket sports, and so we came up with a fun, engaging game called Glistro! (Greek for the word 'glide'). Can be played with two to four players, and the only requirements are table tennis paddles, an over-sized table tennis ball, and a large room. The object is to keep the ball afloat for as long as possible; when a player is unable to return a shot, they drop one point from their base score of five.  Last player with points remaining is the winner of that round. The ball can be hit as many times from one player as needed, smashing the ball is forbidden, and the room can be as small or as big as the players would like!  We have also called this game Highball.  If you end up playing it, we hope you like it!"

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