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Gladiator Martial Arts

Gladiator Martial Arts is a new sport based on the Gladiator sports of Ancient Rome 264 BCE. By Joshua Xiros of Sydney, Australia in Nov 2013. It is a modernised version of the ancient arts of gladiators combining a sense of Martial Arts and the use of NON-LETHAL contact weaponry in which contestants train with the use of specially designed versions of the weaponry in which was used in the ancient arts of gladiatorial games including the use of modernised armour for protection against blows received in contest or during training.


The martial arts in which are used by the contestants are of high discipline and the contest themselves are in the fashion of similar martial arts such as fencing in which there is a scoring system judging the game based on "kill shots" whilst using the non-lethal weaponry but also with a degree of hand to hand combat such as MMA for winning fights by attacking the opponents fatigue and ability to take a blow by hand, knocking down or knocking out your opponent.

Equipment Required

Such equipment such as Gladius Training swords and bucklers made from polypropylene plastics are to be used in the sport. Other items include a light kevlar type armor for protection of the torso, arms and legs along with a helmet made from polypropylene with inside padding to protect the head.

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