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Gatepassing is a new sport created by Scott Pontzious from San Jose, CA in January 2020. Gatepassing is a sport of trust and inginuety, played along two long fences across a field, with a basket at each end of the fence.

Equipment Required: An inflated leather gate passing ball, a 4.5 ft high fence, the fence being maybe 8 to ten ft in length.  And a very sturdy connected to the ground basket, so as for spiking.

Sport Description

There are two long fences across a field, with a basket at each end of the fence, there are as many rounds as you like, with a team of about 5 to 10 players and a coach, and a referee for each fence, the basket should be a different color for each side. Each player can sub out once or even twice. You will need to say catch it each time you pass, and when the two of you reach the basket one will have to say spike it.

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