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Gargojian Football

The new sport of Gargojian Football was created by Australian Ethan Prentice in November 2016. It's a sport highly influenced by American football because, as an Australian who has never seen American football played until recently it was very exiting. Game is not played at this point in time but will hopefully grow once it is kicked off.

Equipment Required: Shoulder pads, helmets (preferably gridiron helmets), fire hose pressured water guns, ball (rugby, AFL or gridiron can be used), colored shirts to show teams. Guns for gunners are yet to be created yet but a strong hose will do, try to make your own water guns for this game so you can play properly.


Gargojian Footballfield layout

The ball starts in the centre of the field and each teams passers must try to get it before the other teams passers. The passers pass the ball to each other as they run up the field. Shielders shield passers from the other teams runner who will try and tackle the passers to get the ball. If the runners get ahold of the ball they cannot move without being taken off, they then pass the baller to their teams passers, meanwhile gunners will try to clear paths for the rest of their team to do their jobs (gunner are support for team). Baiters will try to tackle the other teams gunner to stop their team from being fired upon. Once the passers get the ball to the other team's end the baller will take the ball and throw or slam it into one of three holes on the ground. The middle one scores 13 points and the outside score 7 points.

Only shielders wear helmets and shoulder pads

There are cover places for the gunners to crouch behind and a raised octagon in the middle of the field to create terrain for them to move around or over.

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