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FuGoal Golf

The new sport of FuGoal Golf was created by Brian Dooley from Kansas City, MO, USA in 2017. FuGoal is a patented rotating/pivoting framed goal that can be used for the new sport of FuGoal/Golf - a golf like game using various sports articles, ie. soccer ball, handball, disc/frisbee, lacrosse ball, American football, baseball, etc. There is another sport using the same golas, FuGoal/Sport Game.

Equipment Required: FuGoal - rotating/pivoting framed goal with a net or chains. 
US Patent No. 10,112,092

Basic FuGoal Golf Rules 

These FuGoal Golf Rules are designed to give a FuGoal Golf player the necessary rules in order to enjoy the game of FuGoal Golf!   

The Main Goal:  

FuGoal Golf is played using a FIFA sized soccer ball (2, 3, 4 or 5) with the simple objective of getting the ball from the tee box into the FuGoal Net with the fewest number of kicks/strokes. A lacrosse ball, throwing ball or golf disc/Frisbee may also be substituted for a soccer ball. For the purposes of these rules, FuGoal Golf will be described and defined by using an approved soccer ball (FIFA Sized 2, 3,4, or 5) and tracking kicks for all playing strokes. Other sport type articles can be substituted in place of soccer. Other examples of sport articles that can be adopted for play with the FuGoal Golf system include: Lacrosse, disc/Frisbee golf, any type of throwing sport ball (American football, baseball/softball, cricket ball, handball...). 

fugoal golf

Game Format 

The game can be played as an individual against other competitors or in teams known as doubles, threesome, foursome, or in a best ball scramble format. The objective of all formats of competition remains the same in that the player/team with lowest stroke count at the end wins.  The basic means of advancing one's ball towards the FuGoal Net is by kicking the ball. If any of the other sport types are used, then the appropriate sport type play to advance play is by means of throwing or using the designated sport type equipment to advance the play.   

Because the vast majority of FuGoal Golf players are involved with "Stroke Play", as opposed to "Match Play", we will not expand on the subject of Match Play within each Rule, therefore keeping this subject as brief as we can. 

Key Scoring BONUS incentive: One major addition and BONUS to incentivize exciting play is the opportunity to reduce a player's score by one stroke for any shot into the FuGoal Net from a position off or outside of the putting green. Similar to the 3 point shot in basketball, a FuGoal Golf player will lower their score by one stroke on any particular hole when the final shot is made from a distance off or outside of the putting green area, including any shot made from an adjacent sand trap or rough area off the putting green.  

Another scoring incentive is the introduction of "Dynamic FuGoal Golf" where the ball can be redirected by a partner or another teammate as long as the ball is still in motion and has not come to rest prior to redirection or kicking the ball towards the FuGoal net. A maximum of two touches/kicks are allowed to be made on the ball and still count as only one stroke/kick. A dynamic FuGoal stroke/kick pair can only be used once per hole.  

Another optional basic variation of the game format may also include the element of time, where in addition to tracking the total number of strokes a player makes, the player's total time to complete the course is tracked.  This will introduce the element of speed of play to the game and give a new dimension of sporting competition.  This format shall be referred to a "Speed FuGoal Golf" and the basic rules shall be consistent with the FuGoal Golf rules. 

Another optional variation to the basic game format is the use of possible predesigned obstacles or targets that a player must advance the ball through or around along the pre-designed course.  These obstacles or targets can include:  

Start of Play, the Tee Box:  

The start of play begins at the Tee Box area behind the agreed upon distance markers appropriate for the players competing.  A FuGoal Tee may be used to set the ball on for the initial kick.  The initial stroke of play or final contact with the ball (or other sport type) must be completed before crossing the marked line between the tee box markers. If a player goes beyond the markers while still in contact with the ball then a penalty stroke will be added to the score. 

Areas of Play, including the Fairway: 

The Fairway is simply the play space for the predetermined course hole section leading to the FuGoal Net hole and can include the fairway, any rough areas, any predetermined course obstacles, any water hazards, any sand traps and/or any other designed areas other than the Tee Box area, final Putting Green area and/or any out of bounds designated boundary areas. 

Each player advances their ball along this section of play, keeping track of each stroke. Some basic rules that shall be followed include the following:  

  1. If one or more player's ball (or other sport type object) is disturbing another player's ball position, then it is acceptable to mark the position of one player's ball, remove it temporarily and continue play. The player's ball that was moved shall then be placed in the same exact location to allow that player to continue to play.  
  2. Single Player game play: each player is playing against each other and each player is responsible for his/her own play and scoring.  
  3. Doubles and/or Team Play:  here two players or a team of up to four players use one single ball for each respective pair or team, sharing the kicks or strokes by a partner or team member to determine a final score.  
  4. Scramble or best-ball format: here teams or at least two players.  

Forms of Match Play 

Forms of Stroke Play 

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