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The new sport of Fufu was created by Daniel Lowen and Matthew Lowen from London, England in March 2013. The sport is a mix of football and rugby and many other games as well It started with me and my brother playing 1 vs1 in our garden and there is never a draw. We hope people enjoy our game and can think of new rules we would be happy to here them and possibly add them to the rules. Make a comment below.

Rules of FUFU

1.      4 a-side with no subs
2.      1 goal
3.      No hand ball (except in goal)
4.      Can dive over ball use and elbows to pick up
5.      Canā t run with ball in elbows
6.      Half inflated football
7.      Game in 1/7 halves 10 mins each 7th
8.      Can shin kick, elbow, rugby tackle, slide tackle and barge (any kind)
9.      Canvas shoes and plimsolls
10.     Each team must take the ball back over half way before scoring unless their team took the ball over the halfway
11.     No nut shots, biting, eye gouging or slapping.
12.     Any size goal above 1M wide 1M tall
13.      Must wear shin pads, mouth guards, pound land beanies (team colors), shoulder pads and pound land fingerless gloves.
14.     5 cards: Razzmatazz- Warning, Arsenic- Free stomach knee by over captain, Caput Mortuum- Penalty Elbow (Empty goal from halfway lying down), Sparkly Brown- Sin Bin for 4.48 mins, Puke- Off Rest of game
15.     4 points per goal.
16.     Restart by standing on ball for 2 seconds.
17.     winning team get to noggie the losing teams.
18.     3-teams at a time.
19.     Teams can team up (musts secretly tell ROFE at start of game.)
20.     Never a draw first team to have a player cry in extra time is eliminated and so on, no time limit for extra time.
21.     Each team gets 7 time outs only one can be used each 7th.


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