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Fruss, or Frustrationball, is a sport invented by a bunch of high-school, now college, kids from Northern Virginia, including Greg Jacks and Patrick Dwyer. The sport combines hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and lacrosse into a concise, fun, and easy-to-learn game.

The equipment required are a frisbee, tennis ball, and rectangular plastic bin that is no more than 2 feet high (usually a recycling bin). Although the sport might sound a bit confusing, the game could not be easier to pick up. It lends itself to all sorts of athletic abilities and skill sets. People that have a background in nearly any sport will find their own unique way to play fruss.

To start, teams of 3 players each are selected. Every player on each team receives one frisbee disc and the starting team gets the tennis ball. Set up consists of one bin and a clear line, that will be used for take-backs, or changes in possession. Since there is only one goal, the take-backs function like they would in a game of half-court basketball. We are open to trying two bins however.

During the game players attempt to score goals in the bin without using their hands. Players will do this by cradling the ball with their disc, passing the ball to other players, and shooting slap or wrist shots. Although it has many similarities to contact games like hockey, there are no hits or checks in fruss, just box outs and set picks. There are also no set goalies, and the three players can choose how to defend the bin.
After one team scores three goals with the bin opening parallel to the ground, or soccer/hockey style; the bin is flipped up for the basketball half. During basketball, the bin opening faces up, and there are no take-backs. This period is much more intense and wild, and only ends when one team has reached 6 goals. The team which has scored 6 goals must win by 2, or else the game goes to overtime. At the score of 6-6, the bin is flipped back soccer style, and switches between soccer and basketball styles every two goals.
For more information, see the Arlington Frustration Ball League facebook page

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