Frisbee Ball

The new sport of Frisbee Ball was created by Ruby Cissell, Ty Cissell, Grace Burzynski, Aaron Burzynski from Missouri USA in March 2015. The sport has two scorezones on each side, and you try to get the ball into the zone without traveling or losing the ball.

The ball is being bounced on a frisbee and opposing players are swatting at the ball with their frisbee's. You can't use your hands and if you do its the other teams ball.

Equipment: All you need is a frisbee and a tennis ball.

Frisbee Ball Rules

There is a tipoff at the start of the game and at the start of each quarter.

If you get hit in the face with the frisbee you get the ball and move up 3 feet. If you get hit anywhere else besides the hand it's your team's ball.

  1. You can only use your frisbee.
  2. No traveling (bounce ball on frisbee)
  3. You have to pass the ball to every player on your team before scoring.
  4. You have to be in control of the ball before the point counts.
  5. There are 2 quarters and 20 mins in each.
  6. Each team gets 3 time outs each quarter.
frisbee ball demonstration of frisbee ball


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