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Frescotennis (a new sport)

The new sport of Frescotennis is a strategic, tactical and dynamic paddle court sport. It was created by Jordan Rowe  and Clint Roerig from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA in 2018.

It is a 2-6 player, highly active, precision designed paddle sport played on any standard tennis hard court or pickleball court with a strong emphasis on strategy, sprinting, cardio, teamwork and core fitness training. 

Frescotennis is played with handmade fiberglass, solid carbon fiber and exotic wood paddles, utilizing unique high-velocity 50mm hybrid rubber balls.

frescotennis frescotennis

The entire tennis court (with 'Doubles Lines') is played and (0-2) bounces are allowed on a player's court before returning. Volley hits are legal. A second bounce can be out-of-bounds and still be considered a live-ball. If a ball ever bounces (3) times consecutively, it is immediately rendered a 'Dead Ball'. This makes for a more strategic and rally-oriented game than regular tennis. With the extreme 'bounce-ability' of the special balls played, well placed shots can score points in a vast variety of ways.

Equipment Required: carbon fiber paddle, wood paddle, fiberglass paddle or pickleball paddle; 50mm rubber balls or racquetballs.

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