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The new sport of Footrug was created by Charlie Harris and Oliver Harris from England in 2014. It is a mixture between Football and Rugby. Would love to see some people play it.

The aim is to score more points than the other team. It is played with an association football. There are 11 people on a team. The ways you can score points are; kicking the ball over the bar and between the uprights, the last two touches of the ball have to be by foot. This scores 5 points. If you drop the ball onto your foot or a dropkick (where you drop the ball onto the floor before kicking it) and it goes over the bar and between the uprights you score 3 points. Finally if your kick a penalty between the uprights and above the bar, its 2 points.

Positions: You can set your own formations but the positions our: Full back, Defenders, Half backs/centres, wingers, forwards

In attack you are allowed to pass backwards to you team mates from hand. If it goes forward it is a penalty to the other team. you are allowed to dribble with the ball at your feet, for as long as you want, and at any point you can pick it up. you can pass by kicking it in any direction. You are not allowed to pick the ball and move with it any more than five steps otherwise it is a penalty to the other team.

If the ball goes out the back of the field after coming off the attacking team it is the defending teams ball from the goal kick line, they will now be attacking. However if the defending team kicks it out behind their goal line, it will be a penalty kick at goal for the attacking team.

If the ball goes off the side of the field it will be a line out to the team that didn't touch it before it went off. This is when however many people you would like stand in a line opposite the other team and then lift one person up who will catch he ball that has been thrown in by your player. The ball has to go in straight down the middle of the two teams though, however the team who throw it know how far it will go, so they know where to lift their player. The team who don't throw it in can also catch it though. If it doesn't go in straight it will be the other teams throw.

The game starts with the ball in the middle of the half way line. They can play it in any direction with their feet. As long as all of their players are behind the half way line, and all of the other team are behind their goal kick line. This is also the way to start after any points.

Penalties consist of:


Rugby goalposts
association football

The Pitch

The pitch is 60 metres long and 30 metres wide.
The hallway line is in the middle
The goal lines are at the back and our where the rugby posts go
The goal kick lines is 10 metres away from the goal lines

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