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The new sport of Footballey was created 20+ years ago by Zeljko Derusek and Deze Galus from Serbia. The sport is a unique combination of football, tennis and volleyball, with rules very similar to tennis. It is suitable mostly for good football players because it requires excellent football technique with both legs and head, plus a lot of stamina.

Equipment required: football boots and football ball, volleyball field on grass, volleyball net.


Player must score 11 points over 3 or 4 sets to win the game. The ball can hit the ground once, but it's not necessary. Player must send the ball back over the net, but it can have only one contact with the ball with any part of his body except his arms (both legs, chest, head)

Serving is performed by hand from the oposite corner of the field, 5 times for every player. If the ball touches the net or the line, it's a serving foul and the player serves again. If the foul is repeated, point is lost.


During the game, its allowed for the ball to touch the net or the line (like in tennis). If the score is 10:10, the game continues until one of the player achives 2 points difference. Chose the white color for the field markings (the lines), as its easy to spot if the ball is out of field.

Like in tennis there are different tactics of playing - on the net, behind the line etc.

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