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Foot Kick

The new sport of Foot Kick was created by four kids from two different families: Justice Innocent, Gabriel Robinson, Goddey Innocent and Emmanuel Robinson, all hailing from Rivers state in Nigeria, in 2006.

As the name implies it is played with the foot with a round leather ball. The court is separated into two different parts, each part has two goal nets at each corner respectively. The goal net is 15 inches length and 23 inches width. In between the two goal nets at one part of the court is the service point, and the area in front of the goal net is the defense track. Right in front of the defense track we have the penalty spot.

The court also have a serve where the ball bounce on during service.

Equipment Required:

1.      JERSEY
4.      GOAL NET
5.      FIRST AID


A player stands at the service point and holds the ball with his two hands in front of his chest and throws it on the serve where it bounces to the opponents defense track and the opponent plays the ball with the foot, back to the server and the ball is been exchanged until a goal is scored.

NOTE: During service the ball must bounce to the opponent's defense track before the server steps out of his service point. Attempts can be made on goal immediately after service.

A player is rewarded with a point after scoring a goal.


  1. A player is not allowed to touch the ball with his hands after service, if he does a penalty is awarded against him.
  2. A player is not allowed to touch the ball twice during play.
  3. If the ball goes out of the court without touching the goal box it is called an out and if the player plays an out trice a point is given to his opponent.
  4. If a player serves the ball he must wait until it goes to his opponent's defense track before leaving his service point if he does he will re-serve.
  5. While the ball is exchanged during play the player must not leave his defense track, if he does so a penalty is awarded against him.
  6. Foot kick is played 30minutes overall, 15 minutes in each interval.
  7. The players has five services each.
  8. If the match ends in a draw an over time of 10 minutes is given, 5minutes in each interval and if the match still ends in a draw we go straight into penalty shootout.
  9. Complete kit must be worn during play.
  10. Foot Kick is a game of love, passion, unity and peace so there should be no fighting in the court.

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