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The new sport of Fauxball was created by Bradley James Kroll of Waukesha, Wisconsin in July 2017. Fauxball is a combination of the rules of baseball, basketball, and football, combined in a sport that those of differing athletic ability can play. He's hoping this sport will unite individuals of all athletic abilities and give people a reason to play a game together and have fun.

Equipment Required: A basketball or bouncing ball that is about the size of a basketball and half of a basketball court.


Players: To play for a successful game of Fauxball, each team should have eight players each. You can play with as few as one player to each team; however, the game is designed for eight players a team.

Referees: It helps to have two referees, one on each side of the court. Of course, you can play without referees and call your own fouls and rules; however, it helps to have an extra two sets of eyes.

Scorekeeper: While you can keep your own scores, having an impartial scorekeeper is a good idea.

Scoring Ranges:

Rules for Offense: Out of your eight players, four will be designated shooters and four others will be designated offensive line. These will switch every other inning. Your offensive line will line up facing center court in line with the hoop, two on each side. The two players standing closest to the hoop are your scoring drivers, and the two on the outsides are your linemen who will block the defensive players.

The four designated shooters will rotate taking a shot to score. When they make a shot from one of the scoring ranges, the scoring drivers can either grab the ball immediately and proceed to run it to the end zone or they can let the ball bounce once before maintaining control and then running it to the end zone for a touchdown. Once a scoring driver obtains control of the ball, they must run it back themselves; no passing! Your team only gets a point if your shooter makes the basket and one of your scoring drivers returns the ball without getting 'tackled,' which can be a two-handed tag or flags (much like flag football) if you have access to them. The 'end zone'  is running the ball to your opponent's side of the court.

Just like in football and basketball, each team has their own side to the court.

If the shooter misses the basket:

If the shooter misses a basket, they alone must go for the rebound while one defensive player on the side of the court the rebound is headed for goes for a rebound as well. If the shooter obtains the ball, it is a dead play and they move to the next scoring range to take a shot. If the defensive player obtains the ball, they get to take a shot from where they've obtained the ball to force the out and score one point. If they miss the basket, the shooter is still out, but the defense doesn't get a point. A rebound is possible for every missed shot except a single, as if the shooter misses that shot, he is out and the next shooter is up. Each team gets three outs per inning, and there are nine innings.

Rules for Defense: Out of your eight players, four will line up as defensive linemen. These will switch every other inning. The defensive line will line up in the blue area for each shot, and if they make a move for the offensive linemen prior to them obtaining control of the ball after a basket has been made, it is 'offsides' and the shooter gets to simply toss the ball to his offensive line for them to run it back.


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