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The new sport of EarthBall was created by Christopher James Whitson from Michigan USA in 2015. EarthBall combines standard European Futbol (Soccer) and American Football with several unique elements, including a special oversized game ball.

Sport Description

(1) The game uses an inflatable Balance-Stability - "Yoga" Ball as its regulation football. This creates an entirely new dynamic of game play.

(2) The game adds a "snitch position, wherein a specific, clearly marked player on each team must avoid getting hit by the ball, and if this player does get hit, his team immediately loses the game. Conversely, whichever team hits the opposing team's player playing "snitch" position, with the game ball immediately wins the game. If the snitch accidentally gets hit with the ball, his team also automatically loses the game.

(3) There is an additional oversized inflatable ball in the very center of the field. If the "game ball" accidentally hits this central ball, the last team to make contact with the game ball is penalized by the opposing team being given an opportunity for a field goal. The central ball can be used as the game ball ONLY during field goals.

(4) The preferred field size for game play is 200 meters long and 110 meters wide. However, due to the need for American Football-style goalposts as regulation goalposts, American Football fields are acceptable for game play. (soccer style goals are not used)

(5) All rules not mentioned here are assumed to follow FIFA soccer rules as closely as possible. This is a KICKBALL game. Throwing is not permitted.

equipment-required: American Football goalposts are preferred. Goal Lines / End Zones can be used as a substitute.

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