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Dukaph is a new sport created in 2011 by Olawale Abiodun A.K.A. Bay Waleson, from Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. Dukaph is a team sport of ten players (nine fielders and a goalie) on a rectangular pitch with a box-like rectangular goal post (4 feet long and 6 feet wide) on two poles 3 feet long. The aim of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent goal post. The team with the highest points of goal is the winner.

1. The 120m x 90m pitch is divided into two halves. 
2. Each half has a box of 10m x 30m. 
3. In the middle of the width line of the box is a circle of diameter 0.5m for penalty throw. 
4. In the middle of the pitch is also a cirle of 0.5m diameter for throw off where a player stay and start the game by throwing. 
5. A goal post of a box of 3ft x 10ft on a poles of 5ft each. (or a pole of 8ft and a pole place perpendicular at 3ft from up, and the pole 10ft apart: the rectangular hole formed at the top is the goal post) 


1. No kicking of the ball or using the lower half of the body to play the ball. 
2. No holding of the ball while walking but must be baced or bounced. 
3. The ball must not be stop from motion in the box 10 x 30m. It must not be held or caught even when standing. But it can be held or caught when outside the box. 
4. Tripping is prohibited in the game 
5. Game of 80 min with 40 min halves and 10 min rest. 

Equipment Required:

Number and position

1. Keeper 
2. Center guider and also assistant pitcher 
3. Right guider 
4. Left guider 
5. Right pitcher 
6. Left pitcher 
7. Center pitcher, assistant pitcher and also assistant striker 
8. Right striker 
9. Left striker 
10. Center striker, assistant striker and also main striker. 


For substitute, a player good at right pitcher must take the number with a unit digit of 5 e.g 45, 25, 15 e.t.c. Or the number of another position he can play. I.e a position for the unit digit of the number. 

3-2-1-3 (3 g, 2 p, 1 as, 3 s) 
2-1-2-1-2-1 e.t.c. 

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