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The new sport of dreamcatcher was created by Jonathan Wallace in 1991, owner of sporting and clothing brand anatomy. Dreamcatcher is the future of  the sport world. Combining ability and agility to create a super sport for the supersport athlete of the future. Dreamcatcher is a very fun and competitive sport involving, pitching, catching, and running, that will keep you in good physical shape and will create great social skills.

The goal is to run past defenders pitching the ball to your teammates to ultimately pitching the ball through a goal that stands 10 feet vertically and 6 & 1inch foot radius & diameter goal called the dreamcatcher. Also dreamcatcher has a patent number, along with a copyright and trademark. The inventor Jonathan Wallace was born 3-25-1979 in Chicago, Illinios raised in Southbend, Indiana and graduated from Washington Highshool in 1998.


The choosing of first ball possesion is determined by the toss of a coin. Dreamcatcher is played on a field 120 yards in length and 53 yards in width. The objective of this sport is to run through and past defenders and pitch the ball to teammates past defenders. Each player wears a netted glove called the claw glove, to pitch the rubber or firmer ball,that wieghs 5 ounces or more, through a  6 & 1 inch foot radius & diameter goal called the dreamcatcher.

The dreamcatcher goal stands 10 feet vertically. With post connected on the outer left and right sides of the circle. With a net connected at the edge of the circle to stop the momentum of the ball after its been pitched through the circle. There are 2 dream catcher goals the playing field, 1 at one end of the playing field, and the other 1 at the opposing end of the playing field.

Only 2 teams are allowed to be on the playing field at 1 time, 10 players a piece and 1 goaly. 21 players to team minus 11 on the playing field. If a player is fouled the opposing team has to stand to the side while the goaly tries to block the free pitch. If you do these things you have fouled someone, clipping, spitting, tackling, kicking, punching, biting, scratching, violence,slapping chocking, hitting in the neck and no elbowing unless you have chest, arm & head armour. Pushing, forearming, chest and shoulder checking moves are aloud. Tackling above the waist is allowed only with protective gear only. If not only pushing is aloud and that is the most physical contact this sport has.

When a player is on defense they’re called left, right and middle pushers. When players are on offense, they are called left, right, middle field blockers catchers & shooters. Shooters are the main player with the best arm with most consistent accuracy.

Time outs last for 30 seconds. The only time the clock stops is if a coach or a player calls for a time out. Time outs are limitless. If a player runs out of bounds the clock stops. Players can slide and dive on the field with the ball. The ball will still be in play.if a player falls and decides to stop the play and mark the territory, they must  tuck themselves like a ball when their body hits the ground. If not the ball is still live. Or the player can run out of bounds and the time clock will stop.

Each game has 4 quarters a piece, elementary quarters are 8 minutes a quarter, middle school 10 minutes a quarter, highschool 12 minutes a quarter, & 60 minutes on a professional level. Whichever team has the most points by the end of the match wins the game.  When a player scores a goal  it is worth 10 points, but after a foul free pitch a goal  is worth 3 points.


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